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Amercool Products

We offer a wide range of custom-built units including:

  • Motor-driven horizontal units (forced and induced draft)
  • Engine-driven horizontal units (forced draft)
  • Engine-driven vertical units (forced and induced draft)
  • Motor-driven vertical units (forced and induced draft)

Our manufacturing capabilities include header box fabrication with plug boxes, split headers for higher process temperatures, and removable covers. We produce L-tension, embedded, and extruded fintubes. These units have fan diameters ranging from 24" to as large as 168". Pressure sections are ASME code-compliant and designed to withstand pressures from 150 to 11,150 PSIG. Structural components are designed to insure the mechanical integrity of the air-cooled heat exchanger. Each unit is assembled and tested at our facility prior to shipment to ensure product quality and ease of installation.

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